25 de març 2010

Let’s go to Germany! - 3r i 4t d'ESO.

If you talk to some of the students of 3rd of ESO who are currently studying German, and you ask them what they did before Easter holidays, we are sure that they will be really happy to tell you about one of the most interesting and exciting experiences in their lives. However, if you can’t talk to them we will shortly explain you about it.

So, from the 17th to the 24th of March, 13 students travelled to Wiesloch, Germany, to live and exchange with 13 other students from that country. They were all very nervous because they had been expecting the exchange since the beginning of the course. The students lived with a German family for a week, so they found out about their habits and how different their lives are. Some of them had to wake up at 6 a.m., they tried different food, they had different timetables, and they also went to the high-school where their partners studied. Apart from all these changes, the students also had time to amuse themselves: they visited Mainz, Heidelberg, and they did many different activities.

It looks that this week was really enriching for them, full of new emotions, new activities and new friends. One of the good points of the exchange is that our German partners are coming to Manresa in May, so they will also be able to know our city, school and culture.

If you want to see what Wiesloch looks like check this web pages:

and if you also want to see the secondary school where our partners study check this:

Aktuelles in Wiesloch