26 de febr. 2010

Messenger Friends. 1r ESO.

On the 25th of February, the students of 1st of ESO went to the theatre in Manresa. The name of the play was Messenger Friends. The play was easy to understand because it was in English and Catalan.

The plot of the play was also easy to follow; it talked about a boy who is sent to the past to fix a problem that causes the breakdown of internet and all electronic devises. When he is in the past he has to find the person who introduced a virus to the system. In the past, he meets a beautiful girl, who turns out to be trying to solve the same problem, the main character falls in love with her immediately. Finally they find another boy, who at first appears to be innocent but they find out that some time ago, he was rejected by his friends through a chat and this is why he decides to end up with internet. However, the main character and his new girlfriend manage to change the past to have internet and electronic devises in the present!

So, as you can see, we all liked the topic of the play because internet is part of our everyday lives and of course, the play was funny!